Agromar - Octopus in Olive Oil - 230g
Agromar - Octopus in Olive Oil - 230g

Agromar - Octopus in Olive Oil - 230g

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Lovely meaty plump chunks of Octopus perfectly preserved in olive oil and salt. To be eaten as they are, or quickly char over a grill for some deep flavour.
Try adding our Pichi Pimenton and Basque Añana salt flakes for a simple take on Pulpo Gallego.
Never has preparing Octopus been so easy!

Net weight: 230g
Drained weight: 150g

Agromar dates back to 1948, when Armando Barrio Mata, first had the idea of packing the eggs of sea urchins, at that time very abundant on the Asturian rocks and beaches on Northwest Spain.

Initially intended for family consumption and as gifts, it did not take long before Armando saw the commercial possibilities for this unique product which he knew how to develop.

In those years, there were many small traditional canners scattered throughout the Cantabrian coast, such as the one his father ran back in 1920. Armando himself manufactured and sold salted fish.

Store in a cool dry place, once opened store refrigerated consume within 3 days.
Octopus (fish), olive oil and salt.