Martret Natur - Alioli - 180g
Martret Natur - Alioli - 180g

Martret Natur - Alioli - 180g

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A glorious rich and punchy Alioli with lashings of garlic, lemon and salt.
It's likely you don't need an explanation on how to use this great Alioli but if you are in need of some inspiration, try a dollop served over some our J.Vela white asparagus tips as a delicious starter dish.

Mar-Tret Conserves was founded in 1977 in Abrera (outside Barcelona). In the beginning it was a shop with a small kitchen where roasted pepper, escalivada and cooked legumes were produced. They were sold freshly made. Just like having it made at home.

Store in a cool dry place, once opened consume within 1 week.
Extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon, salt